Saturday, October 11, 2008

Rain, politics, and what's for dinner

I live in sunny Florida. That is not a total truth. South Florida has hurricanes and rainy seasons and calling it sunny Florida is a half truth. In my opinion it's about half rain and half sun. Today is one of those rainy days. Thankfully, it's rain and not a hurricane. I've come to a point in life that when the rain gets heavy here, I turn on the news to see if I missed a hurricane warning. (That was a joke.) I just came home from the store and as I was leaving the store, a heavy rain came out of nowhere. We keep our umbrella's in the car. It rarely rains when you are leaving the house. It's usually when you least expect it. Having an umbrella in the car is the safest way to stay dry. When you're prepared, it doesn't rain. This is a blog and I can expect I'll read this another day and think to myself, what was I thinking writing all that junk about rain. I hope my daughter who lives in South Carolina will get a laugh out of this blog. She grew up here and will fondly remember some of those rainy days. I think that she would be more likely to remember hurricane Andrew than the rainy days. I'll save the details of hurricane Andrew for another day. Now that it's many years past, we had some very funny stories of the days following the hurricane to tell.
It's time to think about what's for dinner. That was probably the most common phrase I heard when my kids were growing up. Now that my kids are grown, I'm not harrassed by the guilt that everyone in the family is getting hungry and dinner isn't even started. Thankfully, my husband is kind and never says "Are we eating dinner tonight?" He's a Great Griller and can smoke the ribs right off the bone.

I have a really good Lentil soup recipe I want to post. I rarely ever had lentil soup until my daughter made me some. Wow! What I've missed all these years. I will post her recipe on my next blog.


Sheri said...

What a great first post! So happy you have joined the world of bloggers! Careful it's very addictive! Funny, I almost made lentils yesterday, but time sort of got away from me!

Carol said...

Thanks, just felt like writing and sharing. I really liked your blog page. I just jumped in and thought I can add and change things as I learn along the way.