Thursday, January 20, 2011


We moved to South Carolina in August. So much has happened since then. This is the first post I've made since the move and have a lot I want to write about. My days are usually interrupted and that unexpectedly, so my new style of blogging may be one paragraph at a time. It's kind of like my knitting. I start a project, stick to it and eventually it's finished. Most of the time, I start a project with no finish date in mind...just hope to finish it while I can still remember how to finish it.

January is a month commonly used to make resolutions.
When I was young, I tried that. It may work for some, but for me, it was an exercise in futility. This year will be the first time I've made a resolution to myself in probably 30 years or more.

I have resolved myself to write my passwords in a notebook. Yes, I have written them down previously but thought I could remember and didn't write them down. My old lap top crashed last month, along with
information that would have made accessing my blog easier when I forgot the password. If you don't have the email address and the password exactly as it is, you will not be accessing your blog anytime soon.
Trying to retrieve my password and correct email address was a test of patience. Sometimes I have little, and sometimes I have not. At least I had made my identity question easy to remember and I was able to once again get on my blog. I think I'll share that info with my daughter. I know she will write it down and remember where it is. At least if she doesn't remember now, she'll remember after their baby is born. I understand pregnant women also have memory disfunction. I'm well past the child bearing years but enjoy knowing I share a common occurance of younger women. (Yes, I'm laughing as I write.)

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