Monday, March 15, 2010

The cooking, the gardening, and vacation Bible school??

This is my recipe blog. Sometimes I feel like writing about things other than recipes. We recently started our spring garden.  I didn't like the photo on this blog.  I couldn't find a photo that I liked until I found a photo of one of our pineapple plants. Now that I look at the photo on the page, I think the pineapple photo is beautiful!

I never knew pineapples were so easy to grow. I didn't even know you could grow them. I had believed that only farmers could grow these things.

 There was a previous time in my life that I thought differently about something else because I had not known that  the things that seem impossible are  quite possible. All things are possible with God. I felt like sharing this small but life changing experience of my life.

My husband and I were recently cleaning out my mother-in-laws home. She passed away last year. Among some of the photographs we found was an old vacation Bible school photo of my husband when he was about ten or eleven years old. The photo reminded me of my childhood and memories of attending vacation Bible school, Sunday School, and church. I think most families attended church on a fairly regular basis during the 50's. I always believed in God. From a young age, I sincerely loved Jesus. What was there not to love? He loved people, healed people, forgave people, fed the masses,  and  was the only human being who never sinned.(as a child  the sinlessness  of Jesus was  something unique in Jesus that I was in "awe" of Him)  Even children know that we are not perfect. I think even young children know that God is perfect. The one thing that I did not know as a child was that the Lord is a very personal God who does answer prayer.

In my early adult years, my sister-in-law who was  also a Christian,  told me that God really does answer prayer personally. This one little seed was planted in my mind that later would be the starting point that I trusted that the Lord would possibly answer my prayers.
  I had been practicing the piano in my music room when I sensed  the deepness of my sin,  that of my self centered nature, and  I humbly prayed to God for forgiveness. I needed to be humble. I think I had become more self confident, which doesn't leave a lot of room to rely on God on a daily basis. Self confidence is not a bad thing, but too much of it leads to pride.  I cannot recall what year it was other than my three oldest children were very young. I knew at that  moment that my prayer had been heard. Not only did I know that I was forgiven, but everything in my nature changed. My heart changed and at this point in time,  every area of my life began to transform in a very personal way. The goodness of God exceeds the limits of our finite minds.

  I  have to press toward the life that the Lord wants me to live. But even when I fail or fall short, He is a merciful, loving God. None of us are without sin even as believing Christians.) The  difference for the Christian is He's forgiven and does not enjoy sin or want to continue in it. He discovers the God of all comfort, the God who is a present help in time of trouble, and a Soverign God who controls all things. He works His good purposes for us individually, and yes, in a very personal way.

The most satisfying success I find in my daily endeavors of life comes through the strength that only the Lord can give.   I pray in thankfulness for all things. Even in the simple things we enjoy are blessings.  He gives us the ability to enjoy life and to enjoy whatever work our hands find to do.


Sheri said...

That's a great post! :) Love ya Mom! So very thankful that God blessed me with a mom like you. I can only hope to be as good a mom to my boys as you are to me!

Carol said...

Thank you. I think of your comment in reverse; I wish I could have been as good a mom as you are to your boys.