Thursday, April 8, 2010

Garden progress

These are new pics of our backyard garden. Everything is green and our tomatoes and squash are productive. This is my second try at growing yellow squash. The type we planted this year is a bush type and not vine growing. It's planted on a hill of dirt. The raised bed has solved the snail problem we
had last year and we have planted early enought to avoid humidity and rain that tended to cause powdery mildew. We are using drip watering with hoses bought from Costco. They only cost $12 for two. Drip watering has reduced the splash up on the plants that can cause disease and mildew from the dirt.

There's some labor in gardening but we have enjoyed it and hope to even more enjoy eating the fruits of our labor! Gardening in Miami, Fl allows us to plant earilier than other states but the summer weather limits what can be planted here at that time.

I hope to post one more when the squash is visible.

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